January 17, 2022

Beginners Guide To Falling Prices

Falling Prices is a new concept in discount retail where prices in the store fall each day until everything sells.  Each Tuesday the store opens with new inventory and by the end of the day Saturday it will all be gone.  New product is then brought in and the process starts all over again, you never really know what you will find at Falling Prices. Traditionally, retail stores have priced items at prices they felt were fair for their customers to pay and still feel that they got a bargain, while making it an overall fun shopping experience. We re-invented the traditional retail model by instead of focusing on experience, we focus on providing our customers with the best value possible. Our goal is to move inventory as fast as possible, so our prices continue to drop until it is all gone.

Where does all this stuff come from?

We have agreements with manufacturers and retailers that result in our receiving truckloads of overstocks and returns from their distribution centers, fulfillment centers and stores.  Everything sold in the store comes from these agreements.

Are the items in the store new?

Yes.  All the items are either new overstocks or shelf pulls that retailers are removing from their sales inventory, or they are customer returns that we have determined to be new and unused.

Can I Return Items?

No.  All sales are final and no returns, refunds or exchanges are accepted.  We do not test items or offer warranties or guarantees.  Almost everything will be complete and working, but it is possible that some won't be.

Can I Hold Items?

No.  Since prices fall every day we cannot hold items, not even for a short time.

Do You Restock Daily?

To make sure our customers always have plenty of great product to look through, we restock regularly throughout the day Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.  This means you do not necessarily need to get a spot in line Tuesday morning to get great deals on Tuesday.  We do not generally restock on Friday or Saturday.

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