A shopping experience like no other.

Every item in the store is the same price, and that price falls each day until everything sells. The store starts each week filled with a different assortment of fantastic items. You never know what you will find at Falling Prices!

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Why Falling Prices?

The traditional retail model dictates that the retailer sets the price and the customer either pays the set price or doesn’t buy the item.  Falling Prices breaks that age old retail rule, letting the customers determine the price they are willing to pay.  If there is something you like but don’t feel is worth the price it is today, no problem, tomorrow the price will be lower.  Our goal is to move each and every piece of inventory in each store every week, so prices continue to drop until it is all gone.  When the stores are empty at the end of every week, we close for two days to load the store up with all new inventory. You never know what will be in the stores from one week to the next, and the process starts all over again.  Our customers love the great deals they get, and they love the fun they have shopping our stores even more.

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Tired of waiting in line?

People are so excited to be the first in the store each day that they would line up, sometimes as early as the night before, to be among the first to be let in.  

Since nobody likes waiting in line, we developed a free app to allow you to secure your place in line without having to stand in line.  To get your free line pass, you must check in via the app no more than four hours before the store you wish to shop opens, and you must be near the store you wish to shop.  

If you want some exciting added benefits, such as checking in to get your line pass from home and up to sixteen hours before the store opens, you can purchase a platinum membership.  Download the Falling Prices app from the App Store or the Play Store.

Not interested in lining up at all?  No problem!  You don't need the app or a line pass to get in the store. Those with line passes will be allowed in first and once they are inside, everyone else is allowed in.