Platinum Member Benefits

Sneak Peek Week events
These events allow for Platinum Members to shop new stores one week before they are opened to the general public.  During that week, the store will be open two times each day for two hours each time; 12:00pm to 2:00pm and 3:00pm to 5:00pm.  Platinum Members will be able to purchase a line pass for either time for only $1.00.  Those with line passes will be allowed in the store to shop for those two hours.  During that entire week, only Platinum Members will be allowed in the store.

Platinum Member Appreciation Days
Throughout the year, each location will occasionally host a Platinum Member Appreciation Day.  This event will be held on Mondays, when the store will be opened to Platinum Members only.  These events will be announced through the Falling Prices app, letting Platinum Members know when and where the events will be held, allowing them to purchase line passes for the event.  The store will be restocked at the conclusion of the event for the following day.

Valuable Coupons
Coupons for That’s Cheap! and other retailers will occasionally be made available to Platinum Members, providing additional discounts and even greater savings.

And More!
We are continuously adding exciting new benefits for our valued Platinum Members.  We will announce them all through the Falling Prices App.

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