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Falling Prices Explained in 30 Seconds

How Does It Work?

The price of everything in the store depends on the day of the week.
Tuesdays, all items are priced at $6.00.
Wednesdays, prices on all items falls to $4.00
Thursday, prices on all items falls to $2.00
Fridays, prices on all items falls to $1.00
Saturdays, prices on all items falls to $0.25
Sunday and Monday we close to replace everything in the store with new inventory.
What Is Falling Prices
What Is Falling Prices

What's The Catch?

All items in the store are overstocks or unused returns from manufacturers, distribution centers, fulfillment centers, wholesalers and retailers; in short the inventory comes from what is known as the secondary marketplace.  Subsequently, there are some things customers should know before purchasing.

Everything in the store is sold “As Is – Where Is”
(In other words, we don’t test items and we don’t offer guarantees or warranties.)
All sales are final; we accept no returns and offer no exchanges

Frequently Asked Questions

Where does it all come from?

We have agreements with manufacturers and retailers that result in our receiving truckloads of overstocks and returns from their distribution centers, fulfillment centers and stores.  Everything sold in the store comes from these agreements.

Are the items in the store new?

Yes.  All the items are either new overstocks or shelf pulls that retailers are removing from their sales inventory, or they are customer returns that we have determined to be new and unused.

Can I Return Items?

No.  All sales are final and no returns, refunds or exchanges are accepted.  We do not test items or offer warranties or guarantees.  Almost everything will be complete and working, but it is possible that some won't be.

Can I Hold Items?

No.  Since prices fall every day we cannot hold items, not even for a short time.

Can I Get in Early?

We are currently not offering early bird programs, but we may in the future!

Do You Restock Daily?

To make sure our customers always have plenty of great product to look through, we restock regularly throughout the day Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.  This means you do not necessarily need to get a spot in line Tuesday morning to get great deals on Tuesday.  We do not generally restock on Friday or Saturday.

Parking in Carmichael

The store in Carmichael has limited parking in the small area of the lot in front of the store.  As a result, on Tuesday mornings, this lot can be full and difficult to park in.  There is a great deal of additional parking to the side of, and behind, the building.  We recommend that our Carmichael customers take advantage of this plentiful parking.  You will walk a little more to get into the store, but it is a better parking experience.

What if items aren't worth $6.00 on Tuesday?

There will be many items each day that are not worth the daily price, but that does not change the daily price.  If something is not worth $6.00 on Tuesday, it will sell on the day the price reaches a point that customers will buy it.

Is there anything left on $1.00 day or $0.25 day?

Yes!  Much of the inventory in the store does not sell until $1.00 day or $0.25 day.  There are still many thousands of items for sale by the time Saturday ($0.25 day) rolls around.

Do I have to wait in line all morning?

The items in the store are limited in their quantity and people often want to be among the first in the store so they can get the best items for the daily price before they are all gone.  As a result, lines often form.  On most days these lines are fairly short and do not form until close to store opening.  Lines are much longer on Tuesday mornings, since that is often when the highest valued product is available.  Since no one likes to wait in line, we have instituted a number system for Tuesday mornings.  Numbers are handed out to customers on a first come first served basis.  Those numbers indicate your position in line.  While you do have to be there in person to get the number, you can leave after receiving it and return before store opening to claim your spot in line.  That way you don't have to wait in line all morning to save your spot!

Why does the store look so empty later in the week?

The concept behind this store is very unique.  It is our goal to sell out of everything each week so the store will be completely empty by Saturday afternoon.  While we do restock significant amounts of product every day, available inventory still declines as it is sold through the week until it is all gone.

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